Sole Connection: A Mile in Another’s Shoes

Originally titled “A Mile in Another’s Shoes”, this project has been rebranded as “Sole Connections” and was relaunched on 6/1/2014

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A Mile in Another's Shoes

“You won’t know a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.”  We spend so much of our time not paying attention to each other. When we take the time to share with each other and appreciate the subtleties, we become closer as a community, as a world.

This project’s initial goal was to collect at least 5280 images of shoes to symbolize the number of feet in a mile.  When it began in late images and stories were received by email and manually posted – first to the website, later to a MySpace blog. This project now exists on Tumblr at

Sample received stories:


“I chose these shoes because they were on my feet for the entire 14 month tour I did for Operation Iraqi Freedom II. I just was able to take them off a few weeks ago and wear some real shoes. But, now that my feet are adjusted to wearing boots, heels are tough to get used to!! I was mobilized on 7 Dec 03 and returned home and discharged from active duty on 6 Feb 05. So, the boot have seen a lot!!”


“These were my shoes for one year while I was waiting for a kidney transplant. The nerves in my feet collapsed, so I got stuck in these. I’m ok now, and I’m wearing regular shoes again.”